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We are dedicated to providing customers with efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions for their AirFreight, Sea Freight FCL & LCL, Land Transport, Crosstrade shipments, Warehousing and all Logistics solutions. Over 13years of experienced team carry out the mission to provide high-quality, professional, fast logistical solutions to our clients.
Supported by a global network of selected partners, our service covers more than over 102 countries.

Choose and believe HSM is your right decision.Hope we can work together for a long time.
We treat you as a valued customer regardless of your size or needs.

  • We ensure fast transits, Import / export clearance and competitive rates.
  • We are consistently able to offer individual, professional service and free consultation to all our customers.
  • We are familiar and have a deep knowledge of worldwide export policies and special requirements.
  • Our experienced team of employees & worldwide agents can assist and accelerate the most challenging cargoes to ensure successful customs clearance.
  • Whether you need your goods from Port to port, Airport to Airport, Door to Door, Door to Warehouse all over the world, Our team is ready to assist.


Air Freight

Efficient and Reliable Air Freight: Fast, secure transport for your goods. Streamlined logistics tailored to your needs. Global network, industry expertise.


Sea Freight

Sea Freight: Reliable and cost-effective global logistics. Extensive coverage, major port accessibility. Ideal for bulk and heavy goods. Trust us for your transportation needs.


Road Freight

Efficient Road Freight Solutions: Seamless and cost-effective transportation. Trusted carriers, experienced drivers. On-time delivery, utmost care for your cargo.

Ware Housing

Comprehensive Warehousing and Distribution: Streamline your supply chain with our services. Secure storage, advanced inventory management. Dedicated team, accurate tracking for easy retrieval.

Custom Clearance

Customs Clearance Made Easy: Streamlined international trade. Expert handling of customs procedures, documentation, and compliance. Timely delivery, hassle-free import/export.


Project Cargo

we specialize in providing comprehensive logistics solutions for project cargo. Our expertise lies in the transportation and management of specialized, oversized, and complex goods required for large-scale projects in industries such as construction, energy, mining, and industrial development.



  • 1. Efficient Transportation:

    Our company ensures efficient transportation of goods, optimizing routes and schedules to minimize delivery time and costs. This translates into faster and more reliable deliveries for our clients.

  • 2. Streamline Operations:

    With our service, clients can benefit from streamlined logistics operations. We employ advanced technologies and processes to manage inventory, track shipments, and provide real-time updates, leading to improved operational efficiency and reduced errors.

  • 3. Cost Savings:

    By leveraging our expertise in logistics, clients can experience cost savings in several areas. Our knowledge of the industry allows for optimized supply chain management, reducing transportation costs, minimizing inventory holding costs, and optimizing warehouse utilization.

  • 4. Customized Solutions:

    Our logistic company understands that each client has unique requirements. We offer tailored solutions to meet specific needs, including flexible delivery options, specialized handling for sensitive or hazardous goods, and customizable reporting and tracking systems.

  • 5. Global Reach:

    With our extensive network and global partnerships, our logistic company can provide international shipping and freight forwarding services. Clients benefit from seamless coordination of import and export activities, including customs clearance, documentation, and compliance with international regulations.

  • 6. Scalability:

    Our services are designed to accommodate the growth and changing needs of our clients' businesses. We have the infrastructure and resources to handle increased volumes, seasonal fluctuations, or sudden spikes in demand, ensuring a smooth transition during periods of growth or expansion.

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